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Our Pack Leader has many years experience competing in agility, walking dogs and pet sitting throughout Niagara.
We offer a FREE 1 hour Meet & Greet with you & your pup to make sure The Perfect Pack is the right fit for you!
Fully certified through DogTec Academy & insured with ProFUR.
A tired dog is a happy owner.

Specializing in fun and structured private & pack walks!

The Perfect Pack offers professional and experienced care for your pup with a Certified Dog Walker! The exposure, structure, and positive energy we provide creates a welcoming and healthy environment, which allows your dog to flourish and develop positive behaviours.

We develop a program specifically for each dog that caters to their strengths, weaknesses and interests!

Dog Walking
Dog Walking
Dog Walking
Will walks benefit my dog? Absolutely!
  • A release of excess energy using structure and consistency.
  • Helps reduce destructive behaviour due to poor manners and boredom (examples: using the indoors as a bathroom, barking, chewing, etc).
  • On average, most dogs need at least an hour of daily exercise to keep them physically and mentally healthy/happy.
  • Strengthens positive behaviours and manners, while working on their basic obedience.
  • Helps with digestive upsets and regularity, as well as obesity, and mobility for geriatric clients.
  • Stimulates your pups key senses (see, smell, feel, hear).
  • Pack walks encourage your pup to engage in instinctual pack behaviours, which helps them relax and learn quicker. Dogs learn through eachother by using energy and body language.
Having your furry friend walked by a  professional dog walker allows you to have peace of mind knowing Fido is in good hands. Some of the benefits include:

By Joining The Perfect Pack, your pup will feel a sense of fulfillment!
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